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Our risk coverage service makes your export receivable management safe and simple

We provide you with secure and efficient protection without Letters of Credit

Our international factoring service protects your export receivables of either D/A basis or open account terms basis.
Letters of Credit have the same function to protect your export receivables, but issuing Letters of Credit is time -consuming and expensive compared to the international factoring.
The international factoring can reduce costs and save time as well as make the collection of export receivables secure in cooperation with worldwide factoring companies. In both Europe and U.S., the international factoring is the most common tool to protect the export receivables.

International Factoring Network

We, the Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited, are a member of "Factors Chains International"("FCI") in Japan. This association is mainly comprised of the world leading banks and the subsidiaries of these banks.

Benefits of Introducing the Service

Protection on your export receivables We usually guarantee 100% of your invoice amount within the gurantee limit when the overseas buyer's payment becomes delinquent. You will be able to claim the proceeds when the related receivable remains delinquent for 90days from the invoice due date.
The support on your risk management of the buyer We conduct a credit investigation of the overseas buyer through worldwide factoring companies.
Simple procedure The assessment of the overseas buyer usually takes three weeks. There is no complicated documentation when you claim the proceeds of the delinquent invoice.
More efficient than Letters of Credit In case of Letters of Credit, a lot of administrative documentation bothers both you and overseas buyer. Our service procedures are very simple.We can guarantee your export receivables with a copy of the invoice and documents certifying shipment such as Bill of Lading.
Intermediary TradeOur service covers the intermediary trade.
Collection ServiceOur basic service is a protection of your export receivables. We also give you a service to collect the proceeds on due date on behalf of you.
Note Please note that there are certain risks (e.g. political risk) that are not covered by the international factoring.



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