International Factoring

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Flow of service

  • Obtain prior consent from the buyer before utilizing international factoring. (1・2 below)
  • Provide us with your export business information. We will send a credit assessment request to the overseas importfactor.(3・4 below)
  • The import factor assesses the overseas buyer with its available financial information. After its assessment, we present you our indication of the credit cover. If it is acceptable, the credit cover is activated.(5・6・7 below)
  • Based on the credit cover, you can ship the goods to the overseas buyer and send us the copies of invoice and Bill of Lading via email to apply for the guarantee. (8・9 below)
  • The overseas factor collects the proceeds of export receivables from the buyer, and you are paid the proceeds through us. (10・11・12 below)

※Please check with us in advance about the available countries for the international factoring.
※Please consult us about your export receivables. We will arrange our service to meet your trade style.
※Please contact your relationship manager of MUFG Bank, Ltd., when you need to discount your receivable before the due date.

Flow of service


You bear the cost of international factoring.
The cost consists of two charges; one is guarantee charge and it will be bone on the invoice basis and minimum charge
is JPY5,000, and the other is Assessment fee that is JPY10,000 + VAT.



営業時間 平日9:00-17:00(土日・祝日は営業しておりません)