International Factoring

International Factoring


In collaboration with factoring companies around the world, we conduct credit checks of overseas customers (buyers) and guarantee payment. In the past, letters of credit were mainly used to safely and smoothly conduct export transactions. However, money transfers that do not require letters of credit are increasingly being used because letters of credit are time-consuming and expensive. With our international factoring service, you can safely and reliably collect payments on a remittance basis because factoring companies around the world collaborate to secure export receivables.

International Factoring Network

We, the Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited, are a member of FCI.
This association is mainly comprised of the world leading banks and the subsidiaries of these banks.


Flow of service

Flow of service
01 Obtain prior consent from the buyer utilizing international factoring.(①・② above)
02 Provide us with your export business information.
We will send a credit assessment request to the overseas import factor.(③・④ above)
03 The import factor assesses the overseas buyer with its available financial information.
After its assessment, we present you our indication of the credit cover. If it is acceptable, the credit cover is activated.(⑤・⑥・⑦ above)
04 Based on the credit cover, you can ship the goods to the overseas buyer and send us the copies of invoice and Bill of Lading via email to apply for the guarantee.(⑧・⑨ above)
05 The overseas factor collects the proceeds of export receivables from the buyer, and you are paid the proceeds through us.(⑩・⑪・⑫ above)

Customer screening is required.
(Please consult with us in advance regarding which countries the service is available in.)

Feel free to request an international factoring proposal that will meet your needs.
(Service availability may vary depending on your products, sales methods and service contents.)

If you wish to discount or collect receivables through MUFG Bank, please contact your relationship manager of MUFG Bank.


The cost of international factoring is borne by the exporter by paying a guarantee fee at a predetermined rate based on the total value of the invoice. The minimum guarantee fee is 10,000 Japanese yen. The credit check fee is 10,000 Japanese yen per buyer (excluding tax).